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Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for everyone in the world for our site, maximize uptime, and ensure that all information on Wikimedia projects is safe and secure.


Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for everyone in the world for our site, maximize uptime, and ensure that all information on Wikimedia projects is safe and secure.


Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for everyone in the world for our site, maximize uptime, and ensure that all information on Wikimedia projects is safe and secure.

About Project

The MENA University Student Translator Competition Project is launched in partnership between the Wikimedia Foundation, the operating organization of Wikipedia and a number of free knowledge projects, and Ideas Beyond Borders, the sponsor of the Bayt Al-Hikmah 2.0 project.

The project consists of a training program that aims to introduce four Iraqi universities’ students (Anbar University, University of Kufa, University of Mosul, and University College of Heritage) to Wikipedia by integrating it into their academic courses, so that they can enrich its articles, engage with its community and continue to develop its content after the program ends. In addition, the program aims at teaching participating students on how to write articles in a good quality, searching for reliable sources of information, critical thinking skills, and media literacy awareness.

A competition is also being held within the project in which students from all Iraqi universities can participate, with prizes for the best editors, translators and recruiters.

The project will be implemented over two years. In the first year, it targets Iraqi university students only, and in the second year, it targets university students from other countries in the region.

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2 Years years of the project
400 Target number of students
2000 Articles development and creation

Sponsors and Organizers

The competition

A competition is launched within the MENA University Student Translator Competition Project during the period from November 15, 2021 until January 8, 2022, with the aim of developing its Arabic content and enhancing the involvement of students in its community.

All participants can compete in one or both of these categories:

Best translator and editor

For the student who translates and publishes the largest number of articles from English to Arabic in high quality (the average number of words in each article must be at least 500 words) during the competition period.

Best recruiter and Advocate

For the student who attracts the largest number of students and new users who translate and edit with high quality.


  • Only students of all Iraqi universities can participate in the competition.
  • To register for the competition, please fill out this form
  • Participants who complete the minimum requirements will receive a Certificate of Participation.

How to participate

  1. Decide which category you would like to participate in. Would you like to participate in the Best Translator and Editor, or the Best Advocate and recruiter, or both?
  2. If you choose the first category: You are required to translate at least 5 articles, with an average of 500-1000 words from each article. Next, create an account and publish them on Wikipedia, and send the links to us through the submission methods mentioned below.
  3. You can choose any article from the English Wikipedia for translation provided that the article or parts of it must not be available in the Arabic Wikipedia.
  4. For more information, the Student’s Corner page has lists of suggested articles in several categories to choose from, guides on how to improve the quality of translation, as well as videos that explain how to publish an article on Wikipedia in an excellent and detailed manner.
  5. If you choose the second category: you are required to promote the competition among your university friends and invite them to participate and register in this form, and ask them to write your name when answering the question “How did you know about the project?”
  6. At the end of the competition, if your name is among the most mentioned names, you will receive a prize.
  7. If you choose to participate in both categories: You are required to do all of the above.

Contest Rules

Please read the laws carefully:

  • The work you submit for this competition must be your own creation, and you must be registered on the competition registration form.
  • Contestants compete for one or more prizes, and the student may receive more than one prize if he/she meets the criteria and conditions.

Translation and Editing Award Rules:

  • For translators and editors: Submit articles’ links via the submission form (submission methods are shown below). The number of articles must be at least 5 articles with a minimum of 500 words per article.
  • There is no maximum number of articles a student must submit to win. But the student must complete 5 articles with a total of 2500 understandable words and of acceptable quality as a minimum in order to consider his/her participationt, and the more articles there are, the greater the student’s chance of winning.

Best Recruiter and Advocate Award rules.

  • Both awards are given for quantity and quality. The winners will not be evaluated according to the number of users recruited to the contest, but the quality of their contributions and work will also be taken into account.
  • There is no maximum number of users or students a contestant can recruit, but the minimum is 5. Contestant can invite and recruit any student who has the intent or desire to edit on Wikipedia.


All contributions and work done by the participants will be evaluated, and the winners in each category will be announced in each individual university.


Students who have completed the requirements can submit their work through:

Information about the winners of the University Student Translator for the Middle East Project

A simple excerpt from the competition or a definition of the competition below the section title briefly explains the details of the competition

Number and type of certificates offered


Golden Certificate


Silver Certificate


Bronze Certificate


Platinum Certificate

University of Al Mosul27
University of Kufa21
Carthage University17
Babylon University9

The winners of the university student translator competition project for the Middle East and North Africa

Best Translator

Winners of the Best Translator Award

Rand younis

Marwa Ali Hadi

Shahad Al_Humairi



Best Advocate

Winners of the Best Advocate Award

Noor Al-huda Al-jassanie

Israa Qasim fadaam

Best Editor

Winners of the Best Editor Award

Zainab Abdullah

Aeeshah alaani

zainab chassab

Rusul Hassan

Mohammad Jabbar

Ranya abdulrazzaq

mawj ahmed

Pictures of the graduation party of Mosul University students

Photos of the graduation party for students of Heritage University

An example of the certificate given to the winners