The Original Bayt Al Hikma

The original House of Wisdom was a shining center of knowledge, translation, and scholarship during the Golden Age of Islam.

Great Muslim scholars exchanged ideas, created inventions that would radically change society

Founded in 8th century Baghdad by Caliph Harun al-Rashid of the Abbasid dynasty, Bayt Al Hikma was a melting-pot of rich intellectual traditions from across the Middle East and Europe.

Great Muslim scholars exchanged ideas, created inventions that would radically change society, and translated philosophical works from the Greeks, the Persians, the Europeans, the Chinese, the Indians, and the Sumerians. These translations exposed generations of scholars to outside ideas.

Openness to these ideas, coupled with innovation and diversity

Openness to these ideas, coupled with innovation and diversity, helped Baghdad become one of the most unrivaled cities in the Medieval world.

Military might, economic strength, cultural and intellectual dominance, and staggering wealth established Baghdad as the center of an empire, with the original Bayt Al Hikma growing to become the thriving epicenter of the Islamic Golden Age.

We’re rekindling the Golden Age right now… and you’re part of it.

Bayt Alhikma 2.0 Team

I joined this project because I believe in the role of youth in changing the world. I hope to help advance progress in the Arab world, even if only one step forward. I am proud to be part of the House of Wisdom.
My passion is science.. my mission is to spread science
I see that we are in dire need of Bayt al-Hikma 2.0 project because of the bad situation of the region in all aspects and fields. What the project seeks to achieve gives me more hope for better future.
I joined the House of Wisdom project to contribute to the translation and dissemination of science in Arabic and to make it easier to access
Medical Student. Writer. Interested in knowledge, especially in philosophy and the humanities. Arts, especially music and literature. I try to understand the world and do something meaningful in it. I believe that knowledge is the fuel that fuels any progress
I want to contribute to supporting Arab youth, so I joined the House of Wisdom project, which aims to enrich Arab intellectual content
I want to make the Middle East a better place, House of Wisdom 2.0 gave me the means to do so
You have always wanted to improve Arabic content on the Internet, being a part of House of Wisdom 2.0 I am able to do it
She believes in the importance of spreading knowledge, the importance of facilitating its access, and its great role in changing our societies for the better

We want to restore our region to its former glory.Do you?

During the Golden Age, our region contributed some of the greatest inventions and scientific wonders of the modern world. We are rekindling the spirit of knowledge, glory and hope that inspired the region during this time, and we need you.

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