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10. Have you participated in any academic, social, or other similar programs in the past? 


If you answered 'No, I have not', why not? 


11. How do you feel about the stipend you receive from the program? 

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12. For the purposes of this program, how many times did you meet with your team (either in person or on a call) to discuss your work over the semester?


If you answered 'None', why did you not attend? 

13. How many Bayt Al Hikma 2.0 webinars did you attend this semester?

14. How likely are you to recommend the Bayt Al Hikma 2.0 University program to other peers and other universities?


15. How likely are you to use Bayt al Hikma 2.0 information as a resource in the future?


16. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Bayt Al Hikma 2.0 university program?


17. If we hold a Bayt Al Hikma 2.0 university translators conference, would you participate? The event would take place in Erbil by the end of 2020 or in early 2021.


18. What do you recommend to improve the program?

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