Check your facts.

False information can be everywhere in the digital age. How do you know if what you're reading is fact or fiction?  It's more important than ever to verify your sources and think critically about what you hear. Check out IBB's Critical Thinking Series as well as our fact-check videos below. 

Get your facts straight.

the facts about covid-19.

can powerful people cause coronavirus?

Statements on covid-19 cures:

eating garlic cures coronavirus. 

drinking bleach cures coronavirus.

drinking water every 10 minutes cures coronavirus.


diet + CURES for COVID-19

Statement on vaccines.

Vaccines are dangerous.

vaccines do nothing and are an excuse for the government to microchip you.


what are vaccines?

Statements on COVID-19 ORIGINS: 

Bill gates created COVID-19.

COVID-19 was created by the us in a harvard laboratory. 

Jewish people created covid-19. 


The BAyt al hikma 2.0 critical thinking series

three ways you're fooling yourself

characteristics of fake news websites

how to identify fake news and false stories.

how fake news is used

three types of fake news

three more ways you're fooling yourself